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I Never Promised you a Rose Garden

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - Joanne Greenberg

This was a powerful and painful reading experience and not something I would have naturally gravitated to on my own.  I chose to read this upon the recommendation of my friend Lisa and I'm very glad I did.  I have no idea what the author's history is but she did a marvelous job at getting inside the head of a very disturbed girl who has been committed to a mental hospital. 


Reading this story reinforced my commitment to never lie to my child.  It brought back memories of my own teenage years and the lies or illusions I told myself in order to survive loneliness, insecurity and rejection.  It was incredible to read about the complex world this young girl created to escape the escalating fear, lack of control and pain present in her life. 


As a parent reading this, my thoughts turned to the huge difference in perception of events between children and adults.  It's very scary to imagine that a seemingly innocuous occurrence can leave such long lasting scars on the psyche of a child.  By the end of the book I was left with an appreciation of the strength and resilience of human beings who suffer greatly and fight to come out the other side. 

Reviewed February 5, 2012