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I read to escape and to learn.  I like science fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers and adventure stories. 

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A Guide to the Birds of East Africa

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa - Nicholas Drayson

I loved this book.  The main protagonist, Mr. Malik is simply adorable.  He is a man of unusual integrity living in a city filled with corruption.  He is an older man in love with a woman who has no idea of the secrets that lie behind an unassuming façade. 


The story unfolds over the course of a few weeks and the reader, chapter by chapter, becomes privy to these surprising depths.  Mr. Malik is an extremely private person and not even his closest drinking buddies at the club, nor the bird watching kindred spirit he chats with every week, have any idea of the burning passions and personal demons that lie beneath the surface.   


I was enchanted by this book and if I hadn't been so distracted by other things, I would have easily wanted to read it in one sitting.  A really lovely way to pass an afternoon.   


Reviewed October 3, 2011