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I read to escape and to learn.  I like science fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers and adventure stories. 

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Hetty Dorval - A Canadian Gem

Hetty Dorval - Ethel Wilson, Northrop Frye

I had never heard the author when I ordered this book from the library.  Its main draw was the fact that it was a Persephone reprint.  This first, short novel by Ethel Wilson is filled with wonderful descriptions of the interior of British Colombia.  This is a coming of age story of young Frankie who over the course of 7 years (during the 1930's), periodically tangles

with Hetty Dorval, a beautiful and completely self absorbed woman with a scandalous past. 


I loved the sweetness of Frankie’s relationship with her mom and dad and enjoyed reading about her parent’s unusual and deep bond with each other.  I found this novella very enjoyable, in particular the final scene between Hetty and Frankie.  I was surprised when I realized I was on the last page.  A real gem.