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Off Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

OFF-TOPIC: The Story of an Internet Revolt by G.R. Reader - G.R. Reader

Thank you to all of the contributors of this book, I was deeply affected by reading it. What makes it wonderful is the same thing that made Goodreads so special to all of us - the diversity, the passion, and the community. This isn’t a business for us, it’s a place where book nerds from all corners of the world come together and feel, or until very recently, felt at home. I personally have found acceptance, friendship, laughter and inspiration here. I am sad to say that the events described in this book have altered my participation.

Some of the reviews and commentary compiled in the book are brilliant and funny. Some of the “off topic” reviews made me cry (A review of “Christy”, page 146). They clearly illustrate exactly why the new Goodreads policy makes no sense. The goodbye letters are heartbreaking and personal. I could identify with every single one. I encourage people to continue speaking out and sharing this work even if you think it has nothing to do with you. You will be moved and you will be affected.

Thank you again to all who contributed.

The book is currently available for free in PDF form here:https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18749172-off-topic


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