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I read to escape and to learn.  I like science fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers and adventure stories. 

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A Charming School Story

The Warden"s Niece - Gillian Avery

This is the delightful story of a young orphan named Maria.  After escaping the terror and shame of an incident at her boarding school, she goes to live with her uncle, the warden of one of the Oxford Colleges. She manages to get in several scrapes with the three boys living next door who she has been sent to take lessons with. The wonderful and comic figure of their temporary tutor Mr. Copplestone, (he's apparently eight feet tall!) had me giggling all throughout the story. Maria lives in equal fear of the housekeeper Mrs. Clomper and of being sent back to her boarding school so she embarks upon an investigation at a local historical house in order to impress upon her uncle that she is a serious scholar. This was great fun and highly recommended for those who love old-fashioned children's stories.